Welcome to the Future of Publishing

The OpenAccess movement has changed a two hundred year old publishing model, allowing authors more flexibility in how and where they publish their findings. Still, the fledgling nature of the movement presents issues.

Some so-called 'predatory' publishers and journals take advantage of the lack of clear information about article publishing costs. With simple, no-nonsense data analysis and visualization, Flourish fixes this problem.

Our Vision: Current and Future

  • Current

    Many of the prices in our database are pulled directly from the publisher's websites, updated within the last few months.

  • Archived

    Our data has journal prices for some journals as far back as 2012, and more historical prices are being added for more effective analysis.

  • Easily Updated

    We provide a simple API for authorized publishers and other known authorities to add data to our database.

Our Data: Philosophy and Approach

Data is nothing without context. We seek to not only increase the volume of data we maintain, but also its sophistication.

  • 5900 Journals
  • 7000 Prices
  • 20000 Influence Scores
  • 12/07/2016 Most Recent Update
  • 3 Ways to Access Data

Our data comes from a variety of sources, including researchers, web scraping, and the publishers themselves. All data is cleaned and reviewed to ensure its validity and integrity. Our catalog expands regularly, as does the number of features our data contains. We strive to maintain the most complete and sophisticated store of OpenAccess data in the world, and it is this mission that drives our continued work and expansion.

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